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 What Is the Alternative Health Approach?

An alternative health approach is just what it sounds like. Unlike treating symptoms and health problems with traditional medications and Western science, it incorporates a focus on alternative medicine and natural healing. In many ways, this approach can work alongside the treatments and solutions you are using from your doctor. They focus on the body’s flow of energy through the body. In short, if energy is not moving as it should, your health cannot improve.

Many Methods of Alternative Health Approach

Although we focus on energy work, there are many ways to encourage health improvement in this method. In short, the goal is to promote reduction of stress and relaxation within the body. By doing this, it is possible to improve the flow of blood through the body, encourage and even boost the immune system, and heal various ailments. There are many examples of this type of approach including:

  • Simple breathing exercises, ideal for in the minute needs
  • Biofeedback and aura imaging
  • Mental imagery relation which is often called guided imagery
  • Acupuncture and chiropractic manipulation are forms
  • Relaxation to music
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Cognitive therapy

The goal is to reduce stress and encourage relaxation within the body. Keeping this in mind, you may be wondering why it matters.

Why It Matters

When you go to the doctor or pick up a bottle of pills to treat your headache, you want the symptoms of pain and pressure to stop. This is commonly sought after treatment. It works to stop the pain you feel. It does nothing to heal the underlying problem that is causing the headache, though. Many people readily attribute headaches to stress. Whether it is your boss that is on your last nerve or the headache you woke up to because you were up late, stress brings on headaches.

A more clear picture is that stress brings on those headaches because of the lack of energy flow through the body. Things are not aligned, in other words. The stress you get from work or day to day life impacts the flow of energy through your body. We address this in energy work, a type of alternative health approach. Unlike those pills you sought out, this solution addresses what is causing the problem in the first place. By taking this step, you are encouraging your body to heal rather than just stopping the pain you feel.

Alternative health approach options are numerous. Our alternative health solutions here focus on improving the stress that is causing your ailments. We do this through energy work with Kirlian Photography. Our goal is to use biofeedback aura imaging to encourage energetic changes in the body that will reduce the stress you feel. This process may seem difficult to picture, but when you come in to discuss your ailments, you’ll feel the improvement right away. Ultimately, this alternative health solution works to address what’s causing the symptoms you feel giving you the healing and well being you desire.