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Is It Time to Bring Aura Cameras into the Boardroom?


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As the provisions of the Affordable Care Act have begun to go into effect, many businesses are instituting wellness programs for their executives and employees. These wellness programs are, on the whole, targeted at improving the physical well-being of a business team. This is a great thing.

However, physical wellness is only half of the equation. In order for employees and executives to be as well and fulfilled as they can be, mental and spiritual wellness needs are attended to, as well.

Below, we’ll explore the reasons that this form of wellness should be a concern in your boardroom. Then, we’ll examine how aura cameras may help you to get the most out of a corporate wellness program that’s targeted at improving overall wellness and not just physical well-being.

4 Reasons to Go Beyond Physical Wellness

Having healthy employees and board members is obviously a great thing. It limits the amount of sick days people are taking, improves morale around the office, and leads to longer, healthier lives for all concerns. But, businesses should go a step further, and include metal and spiritual wellness as part of their overall programs. There are four great reasons to do so:

  • Relieve Stress: The enemy of any business person, no matter how low on or high up the chain, is stress. While exercise can go part of the way toward reducing stress for individuals, a program that’s targeted at overall wellness does so much more. It can combat stress in the immediate, and give employees and executives the tools they need to combat stress in the long term.
  • Combat Disease: While things like meditation do not directly address disease, they can help. Consider how many chronic diseases are merely the result of bad habits that never break. A wellness program that addresses the mental and spiritual can help employees to gain the mental fortitude to rid themselves of these bad habits.
  • Provoke Innovation: Business live and die by their ability to innovate, and innovation has only one driver: creativity. By instituting a wellness program that addresses the mental and spiritual health of employees, you are providing them with the tools to be more creative than they otherwise might be.
  • The Bottom Line: Exercise certainly improves the overall health of your employees, and this has a direct impact on the healthcare costs for your business. By taking things a step further, you can further cut into those costs, improving your business’ overall profitability even more than you have already.

As you can see, the benefits of having a wellness program that attends to mental and spiritual health, as well as the physical, are myriad and important.

Why You Should Consider an Aura Camera

If you’re like most businesspeople, you’re concerned with the things that you can see. For this reason, you may be skeptical regarding seemingly nebulous concepts like mental and spiritual health. What’s more is that your employees and other executives might be skeptical as well.

An aura camera does exactly what you’d expect it to. It provides a visual representation of an individual’s mental and spiritual health, which is represented as an aura. By examining the color and shape of this aura, and individual can directly understand what it is that’s contributing to their lack of mental or spiritual health. Through this understanding, that individual can then seek and receive therapies and treatments which address those issues.

Given how affordable aura cameras are, and how they can help to improve the efficacy of a wellness program as outlined above, they’re really a no-brainer. For a minimal investment, you can improve the health and wellness of your executives and employees in a way that drives your business’ success now and into the future.