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Cleansing Your Aura of Negative Energy

Negative energy is all around us. While those with a strong aura might not be as much affected by it, those who have a sensitive aura absorb such negative elements very easily without even realizing it. Our environment plays a big role in balancing our aura. So even if everything in life is going smoothly, if the environment is not stable, then the aura will destabilize as well. The truth about negative energy is that it doesn’t always need to be violent or offensive to affect us negatively.

For example, silence in a workplace may lead to better productivity for some but it does not have an equal effect on everyone. Silence for many might be something that depresses them, or even makes them feel sleepy. This means that it is not having a positive effect on them. Similarly, while many people might not be affected by the global situation, others cannot do anything except fret about the near future. This is the difference between a strong soul and a sensitive one.

Our auras are as strong as they are balanced, which is why it can be very easy to push them into a negative spiral. An example of how auras affect us is to look at an infant or a toddler who lives in a volatile household. Many a times, if a couple has a fight, the baby senses the atmosphere and starts crying and gets upset. This is because they are innocent and pure, which makes their ability to sense another’s aura, very powerful. A baby is not educated, and even their dreams exist only of colors, but because of their pure spirit, they are able to detect another’s aura very easily.

Different Types of Negative Energy

Negative energies are not ghosts or demons. So the first thing we need to do in order to feel the existence of negative energy is to understand that even the slightest of negative acts can have a big effect on you. For example, negative thoughts or negative behavior is something which can relate to other incidents which had an effect on you.

Childhood trauma is one of those negative experiences which have a terrible effect on those who do not know how to handle it early on. Death is the most violent of all negative energies, one which stays with you for a long time unless you have any way of either working through the grief or moving on from it.

Another is that of a psychic attack. Although the name might suggest that a person might be under attack by an invisible force, a psychic attack is actually something quite commonly known as the ‘evil eye.’ The evil eye is the intention of other’s thoughts and how they will affect you.

If you ever go out with a group of people and you come back feeling dull and drained, even close to the feeling of nausea, you were probably under a psychic attack. Many a times, this is unintentional, but for those who have genuine feelings of animosity towards you, you will feel drained after meeting them or talking to them. This is because their negative energy actually tries to block your chakras from receiving any positive flow.

Another is the negative space at your place of residence or the office. Basically, the places which have the most effect on you are those where you spend most of your time. If your home or workplace makes you feel drained, it is because there is negative energy there which is affecting you greatly. If you feel like staying elsewhere makes you feel fine, then you need to evaluate your situation.

Cleansing Your Aura

Chalking up your bad experiences to bad luck isn’t something a well-informed person would do. Contrary to what we see in the media, cleansing our aura does not involve dancing around in a rhythm and chanting words. Anything from relaxing for a while with your eyes closed to giving to charity can have a big effect on your aura and can give you a much calmer air.

Another act which can help you feel at your most peaceful is taking a bath. Although you might scoff at this, bathing cleans more than just any dirt or grime you might have gathered on your person. If you’ve ever been in a bath and started crying, it’s probably because your aura felt at its most peaceful there. A bath cleans you, but it also relaxes your body. Taking a long bath is an indulgence which everyone should try for themselves once in a while. Using salts, such as sea salts and Epsom salts can help neutralize your environment as well as your aura, thereby letting you release your negative energy.

There are many intricate ways which can give you a much more effective solution. Using an aura camera can also help greatly. By giving you a map of your own energy, the aura camera will show you the chakra that needs the most work. With that information, you can pinpoint your energy and perform a cleansing

Aura cameras and detailed methods aside, the best way to cleanse yourself of negative energy is by letting go of your own demons. Anger, grudges, envy and any negative thoughts of your own have a huge part to play in your chakra blockage but if you let go of it all, you will actually feel yourself become lighter. Negative energies act as burdens for us but by freeing ourselves from these distractions, we can concentrate more on how we can use our aura to balance our inner self and benefit our soul from the happiness that surrounds us, rather than the negativity which plagues us.