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How Do You Define an Aura?

The concept of Auras has been around for a long, long time.  Early Christian drawings depict halos of light around Saints’ heads, and eastern societies had a similar idea, of a kind of energy they called “qi” which inhabited and exuded from the body.  Though the concept varies from culture to culture, the basic idea is the same throughout.  Recently, the idea has come under attack from skeptics, but many people still believe in the concept of Auras and bodily energy.

A Basic Definition

An Aura can be defined, basically, as an energy which our bodies emit that reflects our mental, bodily, and emotional states.  Depending on the color or feel, different states are represented.  An ordinary, healthy individual will have a constant, consistent color and feel—though some variations may be present to account for experiences the individual may be passing through.  By that same token, any injuries to any of the above states—mind, body, or emotion—can also be represented in an Aura.  Some even have gone so far as to say that an Aura can be a guide to the thoughts and minds of an individual.

How Can We Be Sure?

Years ago, understanding of the Aura was limited to people who possessed the ability to detect auras visually.  Today, however, Kirlian Cameras have developed a way of photographing the body’s aura. Stemming back to the research of Seymon Kirilian, these cameras focus on the biofeedback auras of its subjects. With the imaging capability of a Kirlian camera, one can detect energetic changes in the body, and perceive the different colors or energies of person’s body.  Not only that, but they can also track the changes in a person’s Aura over time.

Why Does It Matter?

The technological ability to detect an Aura through the use of Energy Work with Kirlian Photography has a wide range of useful applications. By detecting the energetic changes in a person’s body over a long period of time, you can track the state of a person’s health.  Not only this, but you can detect stress patterns and other irregularities in body, mind, and emotions.  Through various natural healing approaches, the energetic changes in a person’s body can be tracked, to allow for better health and wellness of mind and body.  This is not to say that this natural healing approach should replace scientific medical remedies, as these hold a lot of value and are also effective.  Kirlian photography can help medicine and Alternative health to work together in harmony to achieve greater health for people, which is the end goal of any doctor or healer.

Whether you are a skeptic or believer, there’s no denying the results that Kirlian photography has gathered.  With the advancement of Kirlian cameras and further studies into energy, Auras, energetic changes in the body, and other forms of Alternative health, the future looks to be a bright and hopeful place indeed for anyone who wants a better and healthier life.