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Energy Work with Kirlian Photography

4One of the main purposes of using Kirlian photography is to better work with energy. In order to create and promote energetic changes in the body, we first need to know what we’re working with. Kirlian photography allows us to do this by putting energy into a medium we can actually see – allowing us to explore its malleability, its changes over time and to address specific changes that can change our lives how we wish.

One of the main reasons to buy a Kirlian camera or find a Kirlian photographer is to be able to track subtle body energy changes over time. Specific chakra work, stimulating healing with energy work like Reiki or getting acquainted with Kundalini energy can better be understood when it can be seen.

Energy Work with Kirlian Photography

Undergoing deep healing work can result in changes in both the way a person may feel as well as what Kirlian photography reflects. This is why many energy workers who use Kirlian photography recommend getting a photo taken – or taking one yourself with the right Kirlian camera – at least once every month or six weeks. This can also depend on the type of energy work you’re undergoing. For instance, a Reiki specialist may recommend tracking changes every 14 days depending on the type of work and time frame that’s being done.

Regardless of what path you choose here, Kirlian photography is an interesting way to keep track of energy work changes.