Kirlian photography, aura treatments, energy work


Russian Semyon Davidovich Kirlian is the father of Kirlian photography and the inventor of today’s modern aura cameras. An Armenian and Russian professional journalist and teacher, his invention sparked the aura photography movement and set the widespread use of the camera in motion.

An experienced and widely known electrician, Kirlian first became interested in the idea of capturing light burst and auric phenomenon on camera when witnessing the flash on a patient’s skin during use of a d’Arsonval electric photography device. From there, his experiments with capturing light bursts as part of a photograph began.

As a master electrician, Kirlian was in a perfect place to begin the robust experimentation that would result in today’s Kirlian photography. He and his wife Valentina spent the next ten years experimenting with a high frequency oscillator and photography to capture the very first Kirlian photographs.

Kirlian was the first to claim his photography may lead to a more advanced study of the human aura. His suggestions became widespread and the scientific community got involved – laying the foundation for the parapsychological studies of Kirlian photography that take place in our modern times. The Kirlians claimed their early machines could detect toxicity and unfavorable changes in plant health – a claim they would later cement as part of the Kirlian camera’s use on humans as well.

Maligned, celebrated and favored by many, Kirlian photography has only developed over the years – segueing into digital form. Now Kirlian cameras are available for any interested individual to purchase.