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The history of Kirlian photography

kirlian leaf

There are many different styles and methods of photography. Some people use traditional film and others prefer digital photography. But there is one very unique form of photography that doesn’t even require a camera. The style of photography that I am talking about is called Kirlian photography. The history and unique science behind Kirlian photography is very interesting. The method know as Kirlian photography was invented by a Russian man named Semyon Kirlian and his wife in 1939. Kirlian photography is a very uncommon style of photography. Instead of taking a normal photograph of an object using light and film, instead it shows an objects’ “aura”. Many Kirlian photographs have been the subjects of debates and controversies due to the mystery about the photographic process. However, most of the debates and controversies about Kirlian photography started from Semyon Kirlian himself.

How does the Kirlian photographic process work?

So how exactly does the Kirlian photographic process work? How is a picture taken without an actual camera. Well, I can explain it to you quite simply. Although from looking at a Kirlian photograph it seems that the process would be difficult and strenuous, it really isn’t. The first step in the process is to take a sheet of photographic film and to place it on top of a metal plate. The next step is to place the object you want to take a picture such as a leaf on top of the photographic film. Finally to create the exposure required, a high voltage current has to be applied to the metal plate. The electrical discharge that occurs between the object and the metal plate is put onto the photographic film. The finished Kirlian photograph ends up showing a light and a glowing silhouette around the object that was photographed. The finished product ends up looking like a glowing aura is around the object. It is very unique! This is how the process works and the finished product ends up looking similar to the leaf picture above.

Semyon Kirlian invented the Kirlian photographic process in 1939 but was able to keep it a secret for almost two decades. The Kirlians didn’t release the information about their unique process or photography or the many experiments they performed until 1958. The general public outside of the world of photography wasn’t aware of Kirlian photography until the 1970’s!

The Myth about the Kirlian Photographic Process

The first myths that were started about Kirlian photography were created by the Kirlians to add more magic and mystery to their unique photographic process. The married couple believed that the photographs that were created from their unique photographic process was actually showing an energy or “aura”. Many people believe that all living things have an aura or an energy that radiates from within. These myths about auras were fed into by many New Age spiritualists and Holistic healers. Multiple New Age spiritualists believed that auras were very important. New Age trained aura-readers believe they can provide insights into a person’s well-being.

Many people believed that Kirlian photographs had the ability to reveal emotional and physical states of being. While the popularity of Kirlian photography isn’t as strong as it used to be, there are still many New Age spiritualists that believe Kirlian photography is a fantastic way to help those who seek spiritual services to help heal emotional and physical wounds.

Importance of Kirlian Photography in Paranormal Research

Kirlian photographs have gained importance in the world of paranormal research for many decades. Beginning in the 1960’s, paranormal researchers began to experiment with using Kirlian photography to prove the existence of paranormal activity. They used the photographic method to help add physical evidence to their extensive research. Kirlian photographs were used to explain events such as telepathy and ghosts. Many researchers believe that it could prove the existence of telepathy because it shows auras communicating with each other.

The Science Behind Taking a Kirlian Photograph

Although it is hard to separate facts from fiction, it is important to know the science behind Kirlian photography. The Kirlian photographic process is real, and it is because of a simple scientific process. But where do the so called “auras” come from? Do they show a spiritual energy, or is it just a coincidence that they appear in the photographs?

These so called “auras” are caused by the water present in the object being photographed. For example, if a leaf has a lot of water in it, a bright aura will appear. The high-voltage frequency that is applied to the metal plate during the process actually separates the electrons from the atoms. The air surrounding the object being photographed is ionized in the Kirlian photographical process. If the air around the object has any water, then the object in the picture will show the aura. Scientists call this aura or energy a “corona plasma discharge”.

Here is an example. If someone who has been running and is sweaty has their hands photographed using the Kirlian photographical process, a very strong aura will appear around their hands. This is because the hands have a lot of water from the sweat. However, if that same person takes a photo of their hands when they are completely dry, the aura will not be as strong or intense. There are other factors besides water that help create the final image. These other factors include the pressure and angle of the photograph being taken.  If the person’s hands are pressed hard and firm on the metal plate, the image will be intense. If the person’s hands are gently pressed, then the image isn’t as prominent.

In fact, a very popular Kirlian photographic experiment shows the process of a leaf as it slowly dies.  The first photograph was taken when the leaf was fresh and just cut off of a tree branch. It shows a very strong and prominent aura. As the leaf continues to age and more photos are taken of it, it shows that the aura or glow is weakened little by little with each subsequent photograph that is taken. This experiment was used by some scientists to help explain away the life-force theory. However, now we know that the weakening of the leaf’s glow is a result of the leaf losing water and drying out over time.

Finally, In Conclusion

Many people will continue to choose spiritual beliefs for the auras that are shown in Kirlian photographs which is open to interpretation. It continues to be used in paranormal research to this day and by New Age spiritualists who believe that it can help benefit their patients. Kirlian photography is even still being used to study different living objects and how they decompose throughout their life cycle.

Even today, artists still use Kirlian photography to express their style and creativity. It is also used in art schools around the world. Many people still enjoy Kirlian photography for multiple reasons. It is still an interesting form of artistic expression that is being explored as a form of artistic expression.