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Kirlian Cameras: A History

7In the year 1939, Russian electrician and researcher Semyon Kirlian invented the Kirlian camera. He began experimenting with photographic data that showed an electrical field – otherwise known as an aura – surrounding the living beings he photographed. In order to create the images he sent an electrical current through an object and used a photographic plate to capture an image of the aura.

Over time, Kirlian discovered auras would change, sometimes dramatically, based on what the state of the object was feeling or experiencing. One good is example involves Kirlian’s earliest experiments. He produced images of two of the same kind of leaf. When he developed his aura photos, one of the images was luminescent and strong while the other was difficult to see and fairly weak-looking. Astonished, Kirlian realized the strong image came from the healthier plant while the weaker image originated from the diseased plant.

Over time, supporters and researchers have used Kirlian photography to assist individuals in learning more about their own internal states. Kirlian cameras can track changes in an aura over time.