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Kirlian Electrophotography As A Diagnostic Method

There is a belief that dates backs from ancient times and this belief was present in all types of culture, both western and eastern, that there is a kind of energy force that wraps and radiates from every human being. This energy field or force is spreading from every human being in order to mix and influence the human beings around it with its own level of intensity. This environment is known as aura or Ki in Jpanese, bioplasma in Russian, prana in Indian etc. There are people who call themselves aura – visionaries and they claim that they have the ability to recognize this aura with a naked eye and they can determine the mental and physical condition of any person solely on the basis of aura color or intensity.

The possibility to use electronic and photographic techniques in order to witness the presence of aura and evaluation of its importance and performance occurred in the beginning of the 20th century. This is how Kirlian hpto of Kirlian photography was born. It is also known as electro photography or  electrophotography – a photographic technique that uses the force of electric fields in the process of film development.  Its name derives from Semion and Valentina Kirlian who have managed to find out more about this phenomenon.

It is good to point out that their discovery was not the only attempt in this field. Others have tried before them, but they were not using such sophisticated equipment. Today Kirlian photography (Kirlian camera) consists of one electrode covered with a photo-sheet on which an individual leaves footprints or handprints while simultaneously receives a “shock” of 20.000 volts for 10 to 20 seconds.

This discharge creates a corona around fingerprints followed by the current development of photo-sheet in black and white color. It is totally painless and the only inconvenience may occur in the form of light stinging. Possible discharges are electrostatic in their nature which means that they are completely harmless. The importance of the Kirlian effect is not only reflected in the possibility to highlight the aura and its general aspects, deficiencies, colors or excesses, but also in the possibility to formulate energy diagnosis and determine irregularities in the functioning of various organs in the body.

This task is easy because the aura varies in intensity and width in relation to mental and physical health conditions. An accurate diagnosis is possible give the fact that a clear map of distribution of various organs is constructed in conjunction with the energy of aura fields.

In just few minutes, you will have a general overview of the individual state in the evolution of the disease and you will get the needed information. This type of diagnostic support can be of great help to physicians and wellness service providers although at the present moment it is more popular among those therapists who practice natural and energetic medical forms such as homeopaths and acupuncturists. Given that the same energy discharges are covered in acupuncture practice the use of Kirlian camera belongs to the medical industries that have a comprehensive view of the human being and its health.