Kirlian photography, aura treatments, energy work

Kirlian Photography for sports therapy

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple photo taken to determine an athlete’s health?  An athlete’s energy field, better know as one’s aura, can be captured using Kirlian Cameras. In short, the photographed aura of the athlete can display the fitness level when pertaining to metabolic processes, energy strengths, spiritual state of mind and focus. Avid supporters of Kirlian Cameras and photography believe that the photographed aura of athletes will reveal conditions that modern medical practices could not find. Thus giving us another avenue to better assist in maintaining an athlete’s stamina and fitness levels.

th8Is it like regular sports photography? No, Kirlian Cameras do not take photos of athletes in action. They are simple photographs to showcase the colors of the aura and determine which chakras are closed or negatively affected. Once weak areas are determined, using the aura photograph technology, alternative health methods for revitalization are recommended. Such methods can include acupuncture, reiki sessions for chakra balancing, craniosacral therapy, holistic nutrition, or visiting a naturpathic sports physician.

Today, countries all over the world are starting to utilize this unique technique to improve the health of their athletes via natural sports medicine. How far and advanced this process will go, to become accepted by all of the scientific community remains to be seen.