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Kirlian Photography Shows Raw Food Has Stronger Energy


Kirlian photography is a unique kind of photography that uses electrical impulses to reveal an item’s aura. It has been used by artists, holistic healers, photographers and paranormal researches. This unique form of photography that doesn’t require a camera is now being used by a variety of scientists for research. More recently, it has been used prove that raw food has stronger energy auras.

Some people believe that uncooked food has the same nutritional value as cooked food. However, how can a scientist prove this? A variety of methods must be used in order to come to a correct conclusion. Does is matter if food is cooked, raw, or organic? A report by Activist Post has finally answered this puzzling question. They used Kirlian photography to analyze the energy fields or “auras” that surround food that is raw, organic, and cooked. Their research has revealed that when a picture was taken of raw food, it had a much stronger energy field than cooked food.

But, how was this discovery made possible? It was made possible by Kirlian photography. The Kirlian photographic method was accidentally discovered by Semyon Kirlian, an inventor from Russia. He stumbled upon the photographic method in 1939. While experimenting, he learned that when voltage is connected to an object while it is on a metal plate, it has an amazing outcome. The plate will develop an image of the object that is on the plate. You can take Kirlian photographs of many different items including food, leaves, and books. The image that is produced by the Kirlian method shows an electrical energy or “aura” that is surrounding the object that was photographed.

Now that you understand the photographic process you may be curious about the significance of energy fields. Why does raw and organic food have a stronger energy field than cooked food? It is believed that the raw food is more alive and therefore has more energy within it compared to cooked food. So, the more alive an object is, the stronger the “aura” will be in a Kirlian photograph. The more “dead” an item is, such as a cooked steak, the weaker the aura will be in a Kirlian photograph.

There is more research that proves the raw food has more energy than cooked food. In a documentary called “The Beautiful Truth” which came out in 2008, scientists used the Kirlian photographic method to study several types of food. The scientists in the documentary found that the organic food gave off a brighter and more vibrant energy field than conventional “cooked foods”. Their studies found out that raw and uncooked foods also showed better energy using Kirlian photographs than pasteurized and cooked foods. The cooked foods looked less appetizing, dull and less appealing compared to the raw foods.

Many holistic healers believe that the energy fields that appear in a Kirlian photograph reveals an objects spirit or “life source”. Research has shown that foods that are organic and uncooked are much closer to nature and is more nutritional for human consumption compared to cooked an un-organic foods. These raw foods give more life to humans compared to foods that have been overly processed or grown with pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Kirlian photographs have helped to confirm what dieticians and food scientists have believed. Raw, uncooked and organic foods have more nutritional value than cooked foods. Counting calories and eating smaller portions is truly not enough. It is essential to try and eat organic and uncooked foods to get more natural “energy” and health benefits from your food.