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Kirlian Photography

To learn the basic data about Kirlian cameras, first you should know there are two types of cameras. The first, a Kirlian camera, works by sending an electric charge (don’t worry, it’s painless!) into a specific part of your body – typically your hand – then imprints the image of your aura on a photographic plate.

kirlian photography kirlian camera

Kirlian Photography: A Kirlian Camera

Next is biofeedback aura imaging, which is a bit more sophisticated. This type of imaging works by taking measurements of certain attributes such as conductivity of skin, temperature of body, and more – then interprets said data and displays it as an aura color, often in a multimedia form.


biofeedback aura kirlian camera

Biofeedback Aura Imaging


Kirlian Photography For Professionals

If you’ve never used Kirlian cameras and you aren’t sure of what they have to offer, now is a great time to get the right impression. Take a look through this site to find out more about Kirlian cameras specifically.

Aura imaging is a highly innovative way to grab the attention of customers if you’re an aura imaging pro. It can certainly help you develop a quick and profound personal connection with your client.


Personal Use

If you’re planning on using aura cameras, photos or images to take colorful photos of your own aura or the energy field that surrounds you, you’ve come to the right place for the knowledge you need. Your aura is a deep reflection of your own inner state and auras can help you understand yourself better on many fundamental levels. Your personality, skills and limitations – even fears and weaknesses – can be recognized by the right professional or using the right camera. The more you understand yourself, the more empowered you can be to find your own happiness, harmony and satisfaction.