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Living Art – Kirlian photography

We all know a picture can mean a thousand words, but can we show life’s energy as a form of expression?  kirlian photography Kirlian Cameras offer a unique way of capturing an object and showcasing it’s energy field.Depending on the object, different color shades can be seen, which create a beautiful array of glow like colors pertaining to it’s aura. Aura photos taken by these unique cameras are the newest form of artwork that has hit a trend craze across the globe.

More and more photographers are using Kirlian photography for a more intricate way of expressing their love of life and art. More so,  Kirlian photography is being sought out by artists, photographers and designers alike for these amazing pieces. Commercial designers are showcasing these blown up photos, some signed by well known photographers, as the main focal point in a room or office. Photographed objects, not only have a story behind them, but it’s life energy to be seen.

What about an object that was not living, such as a coin? The high-voltage frequency applied to the metal plates to photograph take the electrons off of atoms. The air around the photographed object becomes ionized. If that air contains any water, the resulting image will show the glowing silhouette around the object, which scientists call a “corona plasma discharge”. In basic terms, water (humidity) around the object is shown.

So the next time you are out shopping for the perfect artwork for your home or office, look into getting or taking your own Kirlian photography. It will be a highlight to any room or conversation.