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The Use of the Aura Camera to Harness Spiritual Energy

Since ancient times humans have always been innovative in the way they do things. When it comes to the world of health and wellness major developments have occurred including the inventions of some of the most sophisticated technologies such as the aura camera. It is a gadget that helps health practitioners harness the power of spiritual energy. It is well understood that the human body is surrounded by an energy field referred to as the aura and it is this field that affects out emotional, physical, mental and spiritual state.

The whole human body is composed of energy vibrating at different levels and frequencies. Spiritual energy is the finer matter that vibrates at a higher frequency and is within the range that people who are sensitive can perceive it. These experiences are open to anyone, are totally normal and are natural. For as long as you are willing to open up to these experiences, you will experience them.

Aura Options

There is no specific choice for one to make when it comes to seeking spiritual development until a point where the point of enlightenment is attained and ultimately physical well-being is achieved, so to speak. The restoration of the body’s spiritual balance is a process that requires self-realization attained by raising your vibration through spiritual practice such as meditation or simply being aware of all the spiritual levels of your body.

The attainment of spiritual enlightenment can occur at any health status since it is a journey within oneself. One does not need to go anywhere or use any special technique; all that is needed is just relaxing and letting the mind cool down and evaluate itself.

About Aura Technology

There has been a huge debate about highly sophisticated digital cameras and video cameras that have the ability of capturing aura images. These images are used in analyzing the state of the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional being. The various images generated use various colors with given intensities and are distributed in various parts of the body. These colors act as a basis of predicting the body’s state.

The use of aura did not begin recently. It has been in use since ancient civilization. Most cultures and spiritual traditions have used various names to denote aura. It is usually described by such names as chi, ki, qi, or prana. Such names are synonymous with early civilization and are still used in some cultures. In the modern times, Kirlian and modern aura photography are used to facilitate a better understanding of how our human bodies work. The images bring out human the personality and their feelings.

The interpretation of the images generated by aura technology is varied; For instance, red images in the aura denote a person who is very active physically. Those with darker colors in their auras denote physical and emotional distress. As for people who are highly excited by change and new things, the aura images tend to be orange in their energy levels.

The human consciousness has evolved over time and more and more people are now cognizant of the fact that they are not separate from the environment. All creatures are connected within the environment we live in, sharing same air with them and exchanging energy via our chakra system.

The medical professionals have realized the spiritual forces that affect the normal functioning of body systems and thus have developed more sensitive machines. The aura CameraPhysical spiritual bodies energy is one such technology that makes use of this spiritual power in addressing some of the most common ailments, afflictions, and diseases. It helps health professionals detect any imbalances and give a proper diagnosis. The aura images are also used in carrying out regular check-ups that help monitor progress and in case of any discrepancy the practitioner can take necessary corrective action.

Aura Cameras in detail

These are cameras with the ability to take pictures of human aura. They do not take an actual picture of the aura but rather it presents an illusion of an aura film. These cameras work through the following ways;

  • The aura camera sensors are placed on the skin or are alternatively fitted on a chair so that they can come into contact with the patient’s skin. The sensors’ main purpose is to measure the skin’s electrical resistance also referred to as galvanic skin response. The skin’s electrical resistance will vary according to the salt and moisture content that are affected by other factors such as temperature, activity, diet, sweating, health, mood, fluids, and many others.
  • The reading captured by the sensor is then relayed directly into a tiny electronic processor connected to the camera that analyzes and interprets it. The processor then generates patterns from the readings that will vary depending on the way the processor has been programmed.
  • The patterns of electronic signals are then fed into a tailor-made camera. Within the camera, an optical coloring device produces a variety of colored beams and lights that are captured by the film as the picture is taken. This ultimately generates a colorful aura around the subject and which can be interpreted.

With aura cameras it is usually very difficult or even impossible to get two exact same images. This is due to the fact that a variety of large number of colored patterns is generated just by a slight difference in the sensor reading. Therefore, it is less likely for one to get same sets of sensor reading from one person. It is thus wise to have two identical aura images taken within the same day.



As a medical practitioner you will find aura cameras useful in addressing some of the health problems that were initially difficult to detect. It is also easy for you to monitor the patient’s progress by simply comparing various aura photographs taken over a specific period of time. Furthermore, these sophisticated medical gadgets have been designed in a way that they are user-friendly and are easy to use. Harnessing spiritual power in addressing major disorders can give awesome ramifications.