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Understanding Auras

6An aura is a field of  energy radiating from all human beings.  In Western religious traditions, you will see auras portrayed in art as a halo surrounding many saints or a central Deity.  In Eastern religious traditions, our aura are thought to stem from the chakras — or centers of energy within the body — and they’re often shown as a multicolored ‘halo of light’ that surrounds a person.

Understanding Auras: How Do Auras Change Over Time?

For hundreds of years, many of those who have been able to “see” auras explain that the colors exhibited in the aura have various specific meanings — and as a result may characterize important info about your true inner state.  Still, auras may deeply fluctuate based on a variety of internal and external factors, including emotional state, stress, physical fitness and other factors.

Energy work may allow you to transform, balance, and modify your aura so that to attain inner peace and greater satisfaction in your life – particularly via understanding auras.