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Using a Kirlian Camera in Your Wellness Center

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As the owner of a wellness center, you’re no doubt heavily invested in the overall health and well being of your clients. As such, there are likely a number of different services that you provide in order to achieve the wellness results that your clients are looking for. These services could include everything from acupuncture and guided meditation to Reiki and crystal therapy.

No matter how skilled your staff is, though, there’s always an element of guesswork… You try your best to figure out what’s ailing your clients, but you can’t be right 100% of the time.

This is where the Kirlian camera, known more popularly as the aura camera, comes in. These awesome devices allow you and the people you help to peer directly into their bodies, seeing their spirit and aura.

Not sure what the deal with Kirlian cameras is? Well, we’re going to give them a closer look, so you can see just how amazing they are, and how they can help you do more in your wellness center.

What the Kirlian Camera Does

The Kirlian camera is not your typical camera. Where as the camera on your phone is useful for taking selfies and pictures of your dinner, the Kirlian camera will show you the world beneath the surface. It accomplishes this by capturing the energy surrounding an individual, which a Kirlian photograph will represent as color. You know where this is going: the Kirlian camera allows you to take a picture of someone’s aura!

The color of this aura, as you’re probably well aware, speaks to the underlying mood, wellness and health of the individual. By looking at the aura’s colors, you can learn so much about the wellness and ailments of the person being photographed. Then, when you combine a Kirlian camera with a biofeedback apparatus, things can be taken even further. You’ll actually be able to pinpoint the areas of the body and/ or chakras that need attention from your healers!

Make a Difference for Your Clients

The benefits of having access to this kind of technology for your wellness center should be obvious, and they’re benefits that apply both to your clients and to your business.

On the client side of the equation, the people who come to your wellness center will be able to gain greater insight into themselves. (Which is the goal, isn’t it?) The path to wellness is paved in reflection and self understanding – which is why meditation is a critical component – and a Kirlian camera allows your clients to peer behind the corporeal curtain, revealing the inner turmoil and issues that lie underneath.

In turn, this allows your wellness center to do more for its clients. The treatments that you provide can be directly targeted. What’s more is that the advice and expertise of your service providers can be backed up by what the Kirlian camera shows. Your clients will see for themselves what’s wrong, and they’ll see the progress in how their aura develops over time.

Should You Make the Purchase?

With benefits like that, you can see why so many other wellness centers have made the purchase and installed Kirlian cameras. And here’s the thing, it’s not a huge investment! These powerful devices are actually quite affordable, and given the way that they can improve the quality of your service and your profitability, they’re really a no-brainer! So, why not pick up one for your wellness center today?