Kirlian photography, aura treatments, energy work

What Is Kirlian Photography?

Kirlian photography involves a special type of camera which captures the aura of the subject. The output of the pictures from a Kirlian camera reflects ‘coronal discharge’ – meaning, an electronic discharge that becomes visible once the photo is developed   – nowadays, often digitally.

What Is Kirlian Photography: Aura Reading is an Age Old Practice

Kirlian photography is used to develop a deeper understanding about a person’s aura. It is widely believed that taking a deeper look at the depth, intensity, color and placement of a person’s aura can tell much about their emotional or physical state. While endorses no specific scientific nor parapsychological claim, the use of the cameras is widespread and the output produced displays astonishing results. We don’t want to tell you what isn’t or what is – Kirlian photography phenomenon are best captured and decoded by each individual personally.

How Does Kirlian Photography Work?

A high voltage process products a contact print – meaning, Kirlian photography cameras don’t rely on a bulb and camera component like many traditional units. In addition to the many metaphysical uses of a Kirlian camera, some fine artists have turned the Kirlian photography process into culturally significant pieces of art. Check out the works of Ted Hiebert or Dick Lane to see an example.

Because Kirlian photography is often misunderstood, we’ve produced this site as a means to educate and explore the relationship between Kirlian photography, the aura body and personal growth and development. We’ll add some scientific information as well. If you have a particular topic or article you’d like to submit, or something you’d like to see more of, let us know!